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House plans ready for purchase with instant download.

Tootle Design, LLC has exercised great care and effort in the development of these plans and the completion of these construction documents. However, due to the great variance in building codes and site specific conditions, Tootle Design, LLC assumes no responsibility for any damages, including structural failures resulting from errors, omissions or deficiencies in the design. Tootle Design, LLC highly recommends that these plans be reviewed by a licensed structural engineer in the area of construction in addition to your local building officials prior to construction. Additional engineering may be required to comply to seismic, wind and other special conditions required by local building codes. All dimensions to be verified on site prior to construction. If a foundation plan has been included in these plans, it is general in nature and shall be verified by a licensed engineer prior to construction. By purchasing plans from Tootle Design, LLC, purchaser understands and accepts these conditions.

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